Re: EXOS2 Mount capability #cal-notice #EXOS2 #ExploreStars #ASCOM #CloudyNights

Wes Mcdonald


I use the Es carbon 127.  I have to weigh my rig but I have a moon light focuser beast, a filter wheel, asi071, extension tubes, 60mmx240 guide scope, an asi mm290 guide camera, electronics box for 12v distribution and dew control, two dew straps, a red dot finder, dew shield,and a usb hub all on the mount.   It works fine.  Guides to 1” or better typically, biggest issue being dec backlash.   Weight is not an issue I don’t believe.  

I use both counterweights but they are about halfway of the weight bar.  
I will weigh the rig and report back but I would be surprised if it’s not in the 20-22# range.   The exos 2 is pretty robust.


Wes, Southport NC
EXos2-GT PMC-8, iExos 100
ES ED 127, 10" LX200GPS+wedge, Astro-Tech 8" Newt, ETX-90, 60mm no-name guide scope ~ 260mm FL
Polemaster, Orion ST-80 and SAG, ZWO 290MM, D5300 astro modified
Nina, Bootcamped Mac Mini control computer, RDP to iMAC
110 amp hour lead acid deep discharge battery for field power
Electrical Engineer, Retired

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