Re: New PMC-Eight Firmware UPDATED STATUS #ExploreScientific #UniversalFirmware

Wes Mcdonald


The new firmware and ascom driver need no settings.  It is automatic

If you have an iexos you need to make sure the WiFi is in udp mode.  This is accomplished with the dongle during boot per the write up which is part of the installation zip file

Please fill out your signature block so we can see what gear you use.  This helps us respond to your questions.

Be aware that ascom has priority when using ascom and Explorestars.  Once ascom is used Explorestars is locked out until Explorestars is moved from P mode to T mode.  This happens in various ways dependent upon what tablet version you are using.   Android and iPad allow you to change the mode by pressing the P-T indicator.  Windows does not have that feature.  In windows one has to press a button, for example a left right up down to put it into T mode.  I think.  You can experiment 

Other function on Explorestars toggle PT so if you want to use both ascom and Explorestars you have to figure out what to do to get Explorestars back in control by getting it into T mode.

Finally I am pretty sure you cannot run ascom and Explorestars both over WiFi at the same time.


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