Re: New PMC-Eight Firmware UPDATED STATUS #ExploreScientific #UniversalFirmware


Hi Wes,

You and a few others have always been very helpful to everyone on this forum and for that I thank you.

However I have read the installation procedure for installing the new firmware twice, along with the threads in this forum it appears to be a rollercoaster ride.

In fact I fear I now have Technical dyslexia, I don't believe I have the skills to perform this task and I am equally sure there will be others in a similar position.

I am neither a technophobe nor tech savvy, I get by but I know my limitations.
I have installed firmware on other Goto mounts and other pieces of equipment I have, such as keyboards, cameras printers etc.
These have been simplistic to say the least so I don't understand why to me I need a degree in engineering science to complete this task from ES

Is it essential I install this update in the manner described? 
I have my Exos2 PMC8 connected via serial to my ASIAirPro, it works brilliantly in that configuration.

If I install this firmware what would be the benefit to me?

Its taken me a few months to get my EXOS2 working in a way that suites me,
I must praise ES for producing a fantastic piece of technology at such a competitive price, in addition this forum provides that extra piece in the jigsaw not easily found with other brands.
I would recommend ES products to anyone interested in taking up the hobby.


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