Universal Firmware Configuration Tool - Get Current Config not working

Paul Meesters

I installed the new firmware. in accompanying tool, the Get Current Configuration button seems to be not willing to cooperate :(
See image below:

So, first I select the correct com-port. There is only one listed, so no big issue there. Then I press the Get Current Configuration button, and the log-area shows a whole series of: BUSY messages. I cancel out and try again... same result BUSY BUSY BUSY
I then try the other button, why not.. so I press the REBOOT Show Splash button, and hey presto - results as shown in the image above.

I then retry the Get Current Configuration button, and get the errormessage shown in the image above. Even when I select the Mount TYPE myself (EXOS2) it ends up on the next line iEXOS100 (wrong!!)

Edit: here's a screen capture video of the observed result on Microsoft Onedrive:  UFCT - The movie

And - hmm - why is the hemisphere set to SOUTH by default ? Weird, ES is a North American company is it not ?

I guess there are still some bugs in this program ?


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