Re: Universal Firmware Configuration Tool - Get Current Config not working

Wes Mcdonald


Sorry about the issue you are experiencing.   

I put out a note on chxanging P9 manually to get around this.

Look on the firmware update thread.  

The northern/Southern Hemisphere is not exactly a default.  The pmc8 has uninitialized data relative to this selection and it thus defaults to southern.  But that bit of data is not the only uninitialized bit and thus we need to set the UFCT check boxes to the correct value for your situation and save the configuration.  At that point the pmc8 is set up with proper default values.

As for get current configuration not working out of the box others have experienced this also, and reboot as you did seems to get past it.  This doesn’t happen on any of my test pmc8 boxes so go figure.

On thing tho is that when you get configuration it sometimes will be the first connection of the pc to the pmc8. This first go usually results in a reboot of the pmc8 which takes awhile to load and get past its initial configuration checks and especially if you have an iexos as it has to configure the WiFi module.  But your exos2 is quicker.   But slow.


On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 3:45 AM Paul Meesters <p.h.meesters@...> wrote:
I installed the new firmware. in accompanying tool, the Get Current Configuration button seems to be not willing to cooperate :(
See image below:

So, first I select the correct com-port. There is only one listed, so no big issue there. Then I press the Get Current Configuration button, and the log-area shows a whole series of: BUSY messages. I cancel out and try again... same result BUSY BUSY BUSY
I then try the other button, why not.. so I press the REBOOT Show Splash button, and hey presto - results as shown in the image above.

I then retry the Get Current Configuration button, and get the errormessage shown in the image above. Even when I select the Mount TYPE myself (EXOS2) it ends up on the next line iEXOS100 (wrong!!)

And - hmm - why is the hemisphere set to SOUTH by default ? Weird, ES is a North American company is it not ?

I guess there are still some bugs in this program ?


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