Re: Universal Firmware Configuration Tool - Get Current Config not working

Wes Mcdonald


And everybody 

When you look at paul’s movie you see him choosing exos2 and pressing get configuration, the result being the same error message.  This is correct!

What one must do after changing anything in the UFCT panel is SET Configurstion.   Nothing is written to the pmc8 until then.

The UFCT get configuration shoe you how the pmc8 is configured.  The set configuration changes this.  Only after a set config are the pmc8 settings written.

The thing everybody needs to know is that the pmc8 has its own view as to what kind of mount it is connected to.  The default is iexos100.   Now the pmc8 reports it’s hardware configuration to the UFCT when you do a get configuration.  The UFCT compares the hardware to the mount type and if they are inconsistent prompts you to select the correct mount type given the hardware configuration.  In paul’s case eithe a G11 or and exos2.   So then select exos2 and save that configuration.

My guess is this is the same procedure error everyone that has experienced this has had.  Explains why I have not seen it🥴, never did it that way.  


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