Re: Universal Firmware Configuration Tool (UFCT) #UFCT

Wes Mcdonald

Hi Mike:

Thanks for the observations.  What happens is sometimes I overthink things, which in the case of the power supply thing you were worried about is probably also an overthink.  I believe every instruction I have ever given anyone is to boot the PMC8 and then connect to the CM, etc, etc.  CAn't boot without 12v.  But your thought, though incorrect in this case, was not crazy.  I see it.

The forum is full of messages about the FTDI chip requirement for the EXOS2.  But I believe ES is going to address this on the next round of mounts they sell.  

Hopefully anyone having issues will post.  I and others are always here to help.  No one should beat their heads against the wall!

As for the video, you are correct.  Having the correct mount type preclude him from showing the effect of the WRONG mount type.  Opps.  The firmware is very sticky about the settings once made, and clearing them out must pretty much be done one by one, or at least one key "factory reset" one needs to be set. Turns  the factory reset byte does not do P9.  Is an oversight in some ways, but with the UFCT once you get the hang of it) is unimportant.  And since the mount type is pretty much static, once set there would be no need to change it 9uness you swapped a PMC8 from/to and EXOS2/G11.


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