Firmware Update and workflow #FIRMWARE


Good Morning,
First, thank your Jerry and Wes for your work on the new Firmware.

I have successfully updated my firmware, and using the new contig tool, updated my PMC8. 
My previous workflow to image was opening my old ASCOM POTH (I know its gone), then open Stellarium (Slew to object), then Sharpcap to plate solve.

If I open my ASCOM driver now, Stellarium will not recognize my mount. BUT, if I just open Stellarium, its fine. However, then I cannot control my scope for Plate Solving in Sharpcap. I guess because I'm not using the Hub now?

I tried Nina, and it works fine. I looks like that which ever software I decide to use to control the mount, it takes exclusive access to the driver/mount, and prevents any other communication to it with other software at the same time?
Should I just move it all to Nina?
Seaforth, Ontario
Starwave 80ED
Starfield 50mm/ZWO ASI Guide Scope
Altair 224c/ZWO 183MC

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