ASCOMPAD and PMC-8 Connection Problems

Mark Lamb

I have had my G11/PMC-8 for more than 2 weeks, and it is my 1st mount, so I am playing in the dark.

I have had issues with wifi dropping while using it outside, but it seems to work fine (for 5+ hours) in my basement in my dummy testing, most of the time.  I have had ExploreStars shut down on its own, but the laptop still being connected to the PMC-8 wifi (this has happened with 2 separate computers), and I have had ExploreStars stay open, but the laptop disconnect from wifi (and stop tracking).  I have Chrome browser with many tabs open in the background (though they are NOT connected to the internet, as tablet is connected to the PMC-8).  Could unconnected Chrome generate interrupts that cause the tablet to disconnect from the PMC-8?

I have gotten ASCOM Poth to work (wifi, have not tried physical serial) and slew/track with CdC for very long periods of time (unattended) in my basement sessions as well.

Today, I had Poth disconnect on its own and seen the following error with my basement wifi testing:

Error.  Addittional non-parsable characters are at the end of the string.

And with this, I noticed that the wifi network was switched from PMC-8 to my home wifi.  (I was away when this happened.)

I have installed ASCOMPAD v209 and have used the settings that Jerry used for the mount (though mount Slew rate 8 of 0 gives Undefined, and Rate9&10 left at default 1). I also used Jerry’s Gamepad buttons settings, with the addition of having D-pad’s N/S/E/W assigned to identical N/S/E/W, and Emergency Stop mapped to Button_5.

My laptop/tablet is communicating to the Xbox controller, as pushing the buttons made the changes to the driver’s button mapping.

However, when I used the Xbox controller, with Poth and CdC running, it (either D-Pad or left joystick) does NOT rotated the mount’s axis; it does nothing.  When I push the Poth’s N/S/E/W buttons (either touchscreen or mouse-click) the mount moves.

What do I need to do to have Poth/PMC-8 react to the Xbox controller?

For those who use PoleMaster and use ASCOM, how do you get the mount to do the rotations required?  (Do you start with ExploreStars to get alignment, and then switch to ASCOM/Poth?)

I also have Stellarium installed, but it does NOT seem to have a button to connect to mount.

How do I connect Stellarium to Poth/PMC-8?

Is CdC preferable to Stellarium?


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