Lost control of declination with new firmware #UniversalFirmware

Luiz Sanches

I make the upgrade of the firmware in the mount, and I saw that the new driver don't work good with the genetic hub (i prefer this than others).
I was taking photos of a crater in moon and I needed to move constantly manually the DEC and RA in the APT (Astro Photography tool). When I make various moviments in the E or W control, the mount stop to accept more commands and stop the tracking by some seconds. The moviments in N and S still working. After some seconds I can make the moviments correctly, but the mount can stop again.
I changed for Device Hub (POTH don't work very good for me) and this problem almost not appeared anymore, only a few times.

In cartes du Ciel, After the upgrade, the moviments by the arrows (N,S, E, W) stops to work, but slew is ok.

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