#pmc-eight #EXOS2 #UFCT #UniversalFirmware Any way to add a 'default to ES 'Ad-hoc' settings file' for the RN-131 wifi unit as part of the firmware update suit? #EXOS2 #pmc-eight #UniversalFirmware #UFCT

Al Knox

Hi folks,
Trying to sort out a loss of connection to and from my PMC-Eight unit.

The problem part 1:-

Last autumn I after going down the 'trap-door' of doing an IP change on the PMC-Eight in order to connect it to my local (home) wifi network and getting 'locked out'. I consulted on here and Wes Mcdonald helped me sort it out using the RH-131 'factory reset' routine, then connecting with PuTTY to manually set the correct IPs for router access etc. Since then my home router failed and was replaced in January. I have only now been in a position to start using my PMC-eight mount setup again, and of course the PMC-Eight unit can't connect to the new router due to a completely different set of fixed IP addresses on the router (and can't be changed to match to old router settings either as these are fixed by my ISP). Anyway, after a lot of trying out to get comms with the serial cable connection that seemed to work, but would not report back the PMC-Eight EPROM settings or serial number - I decided to do the new EPROM upgrade. This worked fine, and I now have more info displayed from the reboot 'splash screen' - all the manually set toggles seem to have been accepted (Northern Hemisphere setting etc.)

The problem part 2:-
So I have serial connection to the main board but can't access the RN-131 daughter board to reset the IP settings via the serial connection (this is both a statement and a question)? Is there a way to do that (I haven't managed to find any online notes if there is)? If not, is the only way to get access to the RN-131 via a 'factory reset' (Hi/Low reset procedure), then using PuTTY login to the board via its own default wifi settings?
The problem part2a:- I made notes last year on 'procedure' while walking through it with Wes, but these notes have gone missing since then. Is there a 'cheat sheet' available online that I could download and run through the procedure again?

Supplemental question:-
As we effectively save a settings file presumably to the RN-131 - is it possible to have a 'default to ES 'Ad-hoc' settings file' for the RN-131 wifi unit that can be installed/re-installed as part of the firmware update suit? So at least we can effectively have a soft 'factory' reset to a basic 'as shipped' comms setup.

Thanks for any help advice you can offer - as for now my unit is out of commission.
Regards, Al Knox.

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