Re: #pmc-eight #EXOS2 #UFCT #UniversalFirmware Any way to add a 'default to ES 'Ad-hoc' settings file' for the RN-131 wifi unit as part of the firmware update suit? #EXOS2 #pmc-eight #UniversalFirmware #UFCT



If you're unable to connect to the PMC8 via WiFi, you have to open it up and clip IO9 pin to VDD.  My recollection is doing it once launches the web server ad hoc network and interface, which you can use to switch back to ad hoc mode, probably without having to reset it at all.  The reset involves clipping/unclipping the connection (running it hi/low) a number of times in succession (I think five times, each about a second apart, but I don't recall for sure).  If you go the reset route, the instructions I used to get back to the ES defaults are on pages 42-43 of the programmers reference:  

FYI, if you try to put the PMC8/RN-131 in infrastructure mode on your home network again, the new firmware requires you to specify the exact channel to use.  This makes infrastructure very difficult to use now if you have to switch between access points, and/or have access points that auto-detect which channel to use, and/or use a hotspot that won't let you select a channel.  There's a fairly simple solution to this (for the RN-131) at least, which I've made known to them, and I hope that someday they'll consider implementing it.

As to your supplemental question, I did quite a bit of playing around with the RN-131, and it seems like there may be a way to do what you're asking, and even a way to switch between ad-hoc/infrastructure profiles programmatically.  But ... it would take a non-trivial amount of time to engineer, particularly when you consider that some units use different wifi modules, and I gather there's just not a lot of perceived demand for anything more complicated than connecting via ad-hoc.  I think it'd be awesome if they'd open-source the firmware itself and let people like myself play around with adding functionality like that.  But open-sourcing firmware has very different considerations than open-sourcing drivers.

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