Re: Lost control of declination with new firmware #UniversalFirmware

Luiz Sanches

Please elaborate again as to the issue you are seeing, and when it appears relative to usage, client programs, etc.

With CdC the problem is solved! I can use the buttons again, after the upgrade (2021.04.13). But the issue continues:

"I was taking photos of a crater in moon and I needed to move constantly manually the DEC and RA in the APT (Astro Photography tool). When I make various moviments in the E or W control, the mount stop to accept more commands and stop the tracking by some seconds. The moviments in N and S still working. After some seconds I can make the moviments correctly, but the mount can stop again."

You said: Please turn on logging in the driver and send a log to us with the time of day the issue occurs noted se we can examine what is going on.
How can I do that?

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