Re: Either firmware update or new window killed my ascm function


I wrote the note below this section to the ES customer support after sending them the ASCOM dx file and mount profile that reported the errors that I got.  I was able to resolve the problem on my own.  This was after installed the updated firmware you posted Sunday.  The first firmware download did not work for me at all. Of interest the if I enable the run on boot in the Universal firmware installer  the ASCOM hub or poth starts unparked and tracking and then when I went into Stellarium or Carte De Ceil did not work for me. So I left that disabled and everything is working now.   The only oddity is if a leave a program and return to the Ascom hub or poth I have to go back to the configuration manager to get the TCP function with the mount.  Not the end of the world.  Can't say why the beta testers did not see my issue other than I am sure they don't make it a practice to overload their mounts as part their testing.  

So think I have got all the problems solved. Having the mount out of balance was part of the problem and likely the start of the problem. I think it generate some sort of time out. This then left ASCOM device or poth looking like it was connected but non responsive. Unless I went to the PMC8 configuration manager which indicated the mount was connected to TCP but not in the first box in lower left of the screen and refound the TCP. After that the mount would connect and as long used either the poth or device hub in the TCP software everything works. If I disconnect from these I looks like I have go back to the config manager before starting another program but they all seem to work. I don't know if this was the same issue with the earlier update but it seems like it is working now. As a side note the explore star software did not demonstrate this behavior even when it was out of balance. Not clear why that would be the case. May be this will help someone else. Thanks for tolerance, new to mounts was using a Dobsonian prior to this for viewing.
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