Bear40 issue with new firmware

Wes Mcdonald


your message is a bit to vague to figure out what is happening.  

can you please review the questions jerry and I asked you and comment on them so we can maybe see what is happening?

are you using WiFi for ascom.  Sounds like it.  Are you connecting the ascom hub to the pmc8 driver and all other apps to the ascom hub?

when the track on loss of comms is in use the mount will be at park upon boot but will not respond to stellarium.  You need to tick the track box on poth after which the stellarium will work.  This was discovered by someone on the forum and has been true before the upgrade.  If poth has that tick box clear the mount is  it living and apps are likely to think it is parked

there should be no reason to ever use the cm once you put the pmc8 into tcp.   It stays there.   Ascom will communicate to it.  All your apps communicate to the ascom hub only, not the mount.  

Please comment on each of these point so we can help you.  At this point we do not discount any bug report but we need more information to follow up.   For now it does not look like you have a firmware issue but something procedural.



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