Re: ASCOMPAD and PMC-8 Connection Problems

Mark Lamb



My tablet/laptop is NOT going to sleep.  I have set the power management to keep the pc awake and display alive for 5 hours after interaction, when on AC power.

I know how to do PoleMaster align, my question was since I have not been able to get XBox controller to interact with the mount, do I have to use ExploreStars to rotate and after PM alignment, then switch to ASCOM?  (I expect that since the Poth buttons seem to work, I can use them, but I really would like the controller to work.)

I have been running Poth/CdC for 5 hours since the Error, and it has worked without any problem.  I also think that was the same error I got in my basement testing with the laptop several days ago, but it only occurred once.

Outside, my tablet has been on the same small table as the PMC-8 box, ~ 1 foot away, with the power supply on the ground.  In my basement testing, the tablet/laptop has been  about 4 ft away from the PMC-8.  Without a controller, the tablet HAS to be close to the mount to make position tweeks (touch screen positioning while observing in an EP is a PITA, but using a Non-touchscreen is even more of a problem).

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