Wifi / PMC-8 connection/comms issue. #EXOS2 #ConfigManager #pmc-eight #UniversalFirmware

Al Knox

I'm trying to find a solution to a comms problem with my EXOS2 PMC-Eight unit.
I'm not able to switch over to Wifi control/comms using any of the available Config Manager apps and command routines (EXS!) using the serial port connection.

I've got the latest Eprom installed ok, using a serial cable connection comms to and from the connected Windows 10 laptop works (see screen shots below).
I am able to get the Wifi board into an 'on' state using the 'high' state 'jumper' solution and the SSID is offering the ES default IP address set for the device with the 'ad-hoc' router.
Wifi connection via both an IOS device and the Windows 10 laptop works, but there seems to be no control comms available via tcp (PuTTY). Removing the jumper (power on), the wifi board holds connection but none of the command line calls to switch between serial and wifi (EXS!) return a result (which in theory shouldn't be necessary with the latest Eprom flash(?)).
When I power off and on the PMC-8 with the jumper no longer in place the board just boots back to the serial line only state. With the jumper in place the ES default 'ad-hoc' network comes up - but no comms through the main unit to control the mount motors via Explore Stars IOS. The wifi channel change (ST4 port dongle) seems to work when one allows the boot process to cycle it - but if set manually with the new Configuration Manager it seems to throw a programme error when polling back the config set up - and in Explore Stars the DEC shows 0' 00' 0" instead of 90' 00' 0".

Hopefully anyone that is closer to the coding will be able to suggest a way to either run a diagnostic that can point to why and what needs to be done to get the unit back to a functioning control state?

Here are my screen images taken in sequential order:-

1) PuTTY attempt to communicate via tcp to the SSID (note ES default IPs showing up ok) 

Windows 10 laptop connected ok to SSID and acquired correct ES default IPs.

Windows 10 Wifi connected fine.

Running the UFCT in the above state shows a mismatch on the wifi network channel '10' when it should have been '1'

... doing a reboot to see splash screen diagnostics ... network channel reads '10' still.

After a full power off and removal of jumper using Serial term get this read out.

Attempt to use the command line switch (ESX!) to instantiate the wifi board without jumper in place.

Check setup again with UFCT (network channel seems to have changed correctly after 2 goes with the dongle - starting from '1' as read from the laptop settings page (see above) and incrementing up to '3'.

And again displaying the splash screen

The only tell-tail here seems to be the 'grey'd' out ESP WiFi line.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

Al Knox, London UK.

: ES PMC-8 EXOS2, Simple surveyor's tripod mounted SkyWatcher Star Adventurer (V1)
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