Re: Wifi / PMC-8 connection/comms issue. #EXOS2 #ConfigManager #pmc-eight #UniversalFirmware

Al Knox

Hi Wes,

Thanks for taking the time to go through my stack of 'I did this, I did that' notes! Your insights are greatly appreciated.
Based on my now better understanding, I think I have reduced the problem down to one thing (from my perspective) ...
The WiFi board is not actually going into transmit mode - even though it now should do with the new duel open port setup with the latest eeprom load package.
Basically its the ESX! command isn't having any effect as you say because its no longer executed in the command stack. But the RN-131 isn't going into broadcast mode (except when jumpered at boot up, on power up). From one of my previous screen images (Windows WiFi settings page) you can see that there is DNS entry of not just the ES 'ad-hoc' setting of This was my old home network router's primary NAT IP address. But I'm thinking how could that still be in the settings file if the unit was jumper set back to the ES settings file - or indeed the later was part of the firmware update(?). I can't find a way of polling the IP settings on the RN-131 via a serial connection, as presumably its only accessible via the RN-131 wireless port directly using TCP/UDP protocol(?).

Here's the current splash screen - and you can see I've switch to TCP from UDP - showing that the command entry line is working with the UFCT app.

Here too are a couple of videos of the PMC-Eight LED panel (see attached):-
First the reboot phase, then one of the 'resting' phase. As you can see the yellow wifi LED flashes at reboot but then turns off and stays off while and after ere serial line test is done.

I'm wondering if this is a redeamable situation from here, or if I'm going to have to try the 1hz x 5 reset operation back to the WiFly default and then PuTTY in, to rebuild the ES settings file?

Al Knox, London UK.

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