Re: Wifi / PMC-8 connection/comms issue. #EXOS2 #ConfigManager #pmc-eight #UniversalFirmware

Al Knox

Hi Wes,

Thanks for your further thoughts. I can say for certain the RN-131 is connectable when it is broadcasting - the yellow LED flashing on and off confirms that - but that is only possible when I have the jumper cable in place at PMC-Eight power up. Also with the latest eeprom build I am getting both serial and RN-131 connection and IP assignments. But apart from the diagnostics (as seen in previous image posts) I'm not getting command line access to the RN-131. The wifi aerial is evidently working as I can get connection when the wifi board is obviously in a broadcasting state (jumper line i place). When there's no jumper in place and I reboot either warm-reboot through the UFCT app or cold-reboot power off/on cycle, the LED light stays off after the initial boot-cycle check and there's no PMC network available. I have even tried going back to eeprom build 15a to see if I could get PuTTY access again - but that didn't work either ... which might be because the previous onboard settings files are not deleted with a eeprom upload - as opposed to the other PMC-Eight Configuration Manager page option that has a tick box to delete 'old files'. The later only has a default load package link available which is the current eeprom distribution .zip file. Despite trying to get a work around, there seems to be a persitant fail over that I think stems from having mismatched settings between the PMC-Eight mother board and the RN-131, that stopping comms going from the PMC-Eight to the RN-131 and visa versa.
I'd like to get a clean reset with the current build - but it seems that's not possible now with PuTTY access removed. Its somewhat frustrating as it was all working fine before and I had no problems until the mode of connection was lost (my home router being replaced before I could reset the PMC to ad-hoc settings). There must be some way to get a comprehensive diagnostic to get a proper read on what all the settings are both PMC-Eight and the RN-131 daughter board?


Al Knox, London UK.

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