Doubts about alignment


Hi all, let me ask the experts a silly question.

I have iEXOS-100 without polar finder nor azimuth adjust adapter, but I have a CCD and I'd like to use sharcap for the alignment.

I can see the polar in the field and it is supposed I have to move the entire tripod to make the azimuth adjustments to align to CP (and the altitude as well . My question is: can I switch on the mount and make the AZ adjustments moving the mount via Cartes du Ciel, p.e., and, once sharcap says it's good or excelent, switch off the mount and switch on again so that the position is reset and being aligned to CP? I know  I have to adjust the altitude manually, but it's frustrating moving the entire tripod to get CP alignment without th AZ adjuster.

Thanks and regards!!

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