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IMO, a good start. I took a quick look in general, and watched the video "how do I install Explorestars and the PMC-Eight ASCOM driver".  Hit a couple of bumps with that:

- A bit confusing that they're back-to-back in the same video, as they're mutually exclusive and have different use cases.  Might want to re-edit into two videos.
- The current downloads web page doesn't have the ASCOM platform link that the video talks about, anymore.  Probably should put that back.
- The PMC-8 driver file named on the page doesn't match the one that's physically linked.  
- The file that's physically linked is just ES_PMC8_Setup.exe.  No version in the name, and when you click on it, a security warning is thrown (win 7) "publisher could not be verified", "no valid digital signature".  Norton warns as well, as it's only seen the file a very few times before.

The antivirus thing, at least, appears to be easy enough to get past.  I had Webroot give a false positive on my astro laptop, over the new version of DSS.  Posted a note on the new DSS forum, the developers uploaded a copy (somewhere... :-) on the Webroot site for them to check, and poof, it was moved to the whitelist.  I expect the same holds for Norton.

Hope this helps...

- Bob

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I have reorganized the knowledge base articles for the PMC-Eight to make it easier to find what you are looking for. I have revised them to have the question as the title of the article and updated the content of the answers. I will continue to add articles (mostly on the technical side) as time goes on based on all the questions I have received and answered over the past year and a half about the PMC-Eight system. Please let me know what you think about the new structure. I probably will add a section for the Application Notes as I create additional ones.

Here is the link:

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC


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