Re: Lost control of declination with new firmware #UniversalFirmware

Wes Mcdonald


Well the log is helpful.  It does appear that the mount began refusing to track upon command at 10:38:13 and continued to refuse until 10:38:49.  That is a 36 second drop out.  The log indicates the tracking rate command being issued over and over again , the pmc8 responding with the correct response, but the reported position of the mount in RA was not changing.  As for the DEC axis, it seems it responded correctly at all times.  This is from analysis of the log you pointed out had the problem at 10:43.   Interesting.  When this log was made, what app were you using to control the mount, and what hub did you use?  Was "continuous track with loss of comms" turned on?  You did not lose comms though.  I honestly don't know what could cause this.  
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