Re: Lost control of declination with new firmware #UniversalFirmware

Luiz Sanches

When this log was made, what app were you using to control the mount, and what hub did you use?
I ws using POTH, as you recomend (but the old problem that I mentioned in the post,,,20,1,20,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,20,78243484&jump=1 never was fixed in POTH or Device Hub, even with the upgrade, only on Generic Hub this mentioned problem dont appear, reason why I all days use Generic Hub)
By any chance do you have your guide camera connected to the mount via the ST4 cable? If this is the case then that is what is causing the problem. The camera signal is being interpreted by the PMC-Eight as driving your mount West and canceling out the motion to the East.
I will try this in the next observing night.
Do you have your Sidereal Rate Fraction (SRF) set to 100 in the ASCOM driver also by any chance?
I never change. 

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