Re: Updated Knowledge Base on Explore Scientific Website

W. Christopher Moses

Sounds great.
    If you want me to write-up some stuff on some of the issues we went over a while ago I'll be happy to.  Maybe:
1. Doing a star-cross test / Testing your guide camera
2. Switching from wired to wireless and when to use each
3. Relationship between explore stars and ASCOM.

BTW - I wrote a simple terminal program, especially for the PMC-8.  It has buttons for common PMC-8 commands. I wrote it mainly to speed up interactions with the PMC-8 in the field.  I.e.  I don't want to have to look up commands in the dark.   Right now it only works for wired, but I'm planning on adding wireless tonight or tomorrow. 
I'll put it on Git.  If anybody wants any more functionality, just let me know.

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