Re: Explore Scientific PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver Beta Test Version - ASCOMPAD Fix

Mark Lamb

I have installed ASCOMPAD v209 and have used the settings that Jerry used for the mount in another post (though mount Slew rate 8 of 0 gives Undefined, and Rate9&10 left at default 1). I also used Jerry’s Gamepad buttons settings, with the addition of having D-pad’s N/S/E/W assigned to identical N/S/E/W, and Emergency Stop mapped to Button_5.

My laptop/tablet is communicating to the Xbox controller, as pushing the buttons made the changes to the driver’s button mapping.

However, when I used the Xbox controller, with Poth and CdC running, it (either D-Pad or left joystick) does NOT rotated the mount’s axis; it does nothing.  When I push the Poth’s N/S/E/W buttons (either touchscreen or mouse-click) the mount moves.

What do I need to do to have Poth/PMC-8 react to the Xbox controller?

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