Purchased used iEXOS-100 from Adorama, for the life of me I cannot get it connected or working in any way, shape or form #iEXOS-100 #ExploreStars #Android #windows10


Got a good deal on a used iEXOS-100 on Adorama and it finally arrived today. I got everything assembled, databases installed on both Windows 10 and Android, and installed ExploreStars on both. Plugging in the mount to the power supply brings up the wifi network which I can connect to on both platforms, but that's as far as I can get. Windows continuously shows "Please Wait" (I did connect to the network before opening the app), and Android will show the movement arrows but exhibit no function. I set the settings in both for my particular mount, to no avail, and connecting via mini usb and trying to use the Config Manager gives the same results, it will show I'm connected to the network, but no actual connection to the mount.

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