Re: Purchased used iEXOS-100 from Adorama, for the life of me I cannot get it connected or working in any way, shape or form #iEXOS-100 #ExploreStars #Android #windows10

Wes Mcdonald


Welcome to PMC8 Land.  I am sure you will be glad you got this little mount with outsized capabilities.  And welcome also to the Group.  You will find lots of users here who will help answer your questions and get you going.

Please fill out your signature block with your equipment etc so we can help you more efficiently.

The EXplorestars app will only communicate with the mount over wifi by UDP.  Te iEXOS wifi device requires that you set it up for UDP.  If it is in TCP mode Explorestars will do as you say, sit there and say Please wait.  

To get the mount into UDP mode:
1.  connect a mini usb cable that is in fact a data cable to your pmc8 and to your PC.  
2.  Boot the PMC8.
3.  Boot the Configuration Manager v 1.03.  In general don't use 1.04 -- most of it works but it has issues.
3a.  Connect the PC wifi to the PMC8 wifi.  The password is PMC-Eight.
4.  In the Connection tab in the CM, set the mount type, Comm port.  If the comm port is not visible in the selection box press the Refresh and try the drop down, which should show the mount.  BTW make sure that you have an FTDI usb-serial driver installed on your PC.  You can find one that will be fine on the Parallax web site
5.  .Then you can press the FIND button.  A pop up should tell you the mount appears to be connected to serial but might indicate it is not connected.  That's ok.
6.  Press the DO IT button at the top right.  This will find the connection.  One of the less endearing features of the CM is that even if you are connected serially, if the PC is not connected via wifi, the CM often cannot find the connection.  Just ...because..
7.  The bottom of the CM will light up with green indicators for each connection it finds.  Once it has connections, all the DO IT buttons will become active.  Press the one that says  "Via Explorestars(UDP).  This will set up the PMC8 to operate in UDP, and thus with Explorestars.

8.  Now you can reboot the PMC8 and run Explorestars on the PC, it should connect fine.

A few other points in using PMC8 mounts:

1.  Always start them up with the mount in polar home.  The controller assumes this is the case  upon start, and establishes its motor position reference under this assumption.
2.  Make use Explorestars has your correct location set, and be extra sure you have the SIGN of the longitude.  Western hemi is -.

3.  Depending upon what the prior owner has done, you might want to load the newest firmware from ES.  You can find the link to it in the Main subgroup, or in fact from the ES web site.

4.  The new firmware will also need to be setup upon first execution which you can do with the Universal Firmware Configuration Tool, packaged with the new firmware.  

Good luck.  For now just get the thing running in Explorestar and get familiar with the mount.  Subscribe to all the subgroups and read the mail, as many helpful tips come across all the time.  Also what ever questions you have have probably been answered before, so you might find the answer with some searching..  And don't be shy about asking for help.  


Wes, Southport NC
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