Meridian flip - software or firmware issue? #iEXOS-100 #ASCOM #FIRMWARE #pmc-eight

Karol Trepala <kalski44@...>

I'm using iExos-100 with N.I.N.A and it works well. Last night I have got an opportunity to use first time meridian flip function. This also start as should, telescope was rotated and roughly set in apprpriate position, on the target. Unfortunately, when Nina made plate solving and tried to recenter the target. mount instead of small position correction started to rotate in the direction of tripod. Fortunately I was able to unplug power supply before my camera clashed with tripod. It looked like the mount received new (corrected) coordinates, slighty shifted from current position, but instead of small movement it decided to set this new position by 360deg rotation. Could that be some issue with N.I.N.A (I don't know what settings can I adjust to avoid such situation in the future) or some mount firmware issue?

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