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Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering

On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 11:24 AM, Walter Vinci wrote:
It is nice to be able to be point a target before it passes the meridian and being already ‘flipped’ so that there is no need to interrupt imaging. 
Hi Walter,

If you want to do a Meridian flip "early" you can only do that manually, you cannot slew do this with a "goto" or point command with an ASCOM application because the goto always calculates the current side of pier of the object prior to slewing. What you have to do is:
1. Point to an object that has passed the Meridian (in the West)
2. Manually move the mount back East of the Meridian to the desired Target.
3. Start imaging as desired.

The result is that the counterweight will be above the telescope and is "up" instead of "down" which is not a standard mount state that you would normally want.
Other than that it should be fine.
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