Steve Siedentop

Translated...I need someone to bail me out.

Through the course of attempting to get WiFi scope to work by connecting to the PMC8's serial port, I have somehow managed to brick my controller, or so it seems.

I abandoned my WiFi Scope Efforts as I ran into too many obstacles with ASCOM, although I was never able to successfully connect via the serial port so ASCOM is not the only suspect.  

So, after sending the "factory RESET" command on page 2 of _ESAN002_rev02.pdf, my PuTTY session froze up.  I stepped away for a few minutes to handle something, came back, cycled the power, and viola, no PMC8 WiFi network to connect to.

When powered on, the indicator lights are as follows:

1)  WiFi Data Transmission - OFF

2)  +5 WiFi Module Power - Steady Green

3)  Main Processor Watchdog Active - OFF

4)  WiFi Connection - Blinking Green

5)  WiFi Association - Blinking Red

6)  Main Processor Power - Stead Red

Any thoughts on how to proceed?  Thanks in advance for your help.


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