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M57 The Ring Nebula at MSRO 5 messages By Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering ·
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Guide scope mounting 11 messages By eric.harant@... ·
iEXOS100 tracking issues 16 messages By @PascalGee ·
Ten minute subs with an EXOS2 PMC8! 16 messages By Jim McKee ·
How To Do an ExploreStars Assisted "Physical Polar Alignment" As Long As You Can See Polaris 9 messages By jrichard333 <jrichard333@hotmail.com> ·
Recent photos with ES G11 12 messages By JI THERIOT ·
Messier 33 with the G-11 PMC8 & ED127CF FCD100 7 messages By Steve Siedentop ·
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