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Astrophotography Done with the iEXOS-100, EXOS 2, and G11 Post your Pictures and Details! Lets Show What These Mounts Can Do. 1336 messages By Matt Walshe ·
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Green LED meaning and PulseCommand fail#ASCOM 5 messages By Andras Szalai ·
guiding in RA only 2 messages By PJB9166 ·
Cannot use pulse guide PHD2 (mount is in movement error) - 30 messages By Wes Mcdonald ·
#goto #guiding #iEXOS-100 - Cannot turn tracking off in POTH, cannot slew in stellarium, stop slew not working 66 messages By Ian Richardson ·
how to mount the OTA? 5 messages By Ignazio Pillitteri ·
ASCOM issue 12 messages By Andras Szalai ·
#iEXOS-100 Eq6 tripod 3 messages By Andras Szalai ·
DEC oscillation during autoguiding 3 messages By Ignazio Pillitteri ·
noisy tracking By Ignazio Pillitteri ·
small Cassegrains like C5 C6 or C8 on 3 messages By Micheal ·
What tripod can I get for the AZ adjuster? 9 messages By Sergio Díaz Antón ·
Azimuth adapter installation: pre-drilled tripod? 6 messages By Wes Mcdonald ·
#iEXOS-100 R.A. Belt drive causes problems 3 messages By Lars ·
#ExploreStars #iEXOS-100 #iPadOS Mount stops working after locating object 3 messages By RF ·
azimuth adapter 8 messages By Vance LaSalle ·
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