Wifi Connectivity

W. Christopher Moses


I'm pretty surprised that the general wifi connectivity isn't yet enabled. This is a major feature of the mount. However, I don't really mind opening up the case and telnet-ing in to configure the settings. Reading through the doc, it looks pretty straight forward.

Is this OK to do? Can you think of any problems it may cause?

If I can get it to work, I'll write a quick and dirty program for other users to use until a solution that doesn't involve opening the case is available.


Chris Moses


You don't have to open the case, what gave you that idea? You just have to TELNET into the system and enter the command mode for the RN-131 ($$$) and then enter the configuration parameters. The only reason to open the case is if you cannot send the "factory reset" command to reset to factory defaults. The other way to do it is to use the PIO9 pin, GND and VDD pins. I have a procedure for this I can send to you if you really need it. I also have the commands to return it to the Explore Scientific configuration. If you change it, there is no guarantee it will connect to the ExploreStars app, we have not tested it yet by setting the IP_ADD and PORT to a WAN value. It is easier when using the ASCOM driver to set the IP_ADD and PORT.

W. Christopher Moses

Oh, Cool. Even easier.
I think I was just glancing though a document and it showed connecting directly to the wifi module.