First-Time Setup Issue

W. Christopher Moses

Hi Jerry,

I've been helping Nandita Archer learn about the G-11 before it arrived. It arrived yesterday and today is her first time out in the field and she seems to be having some issues.  Here is our last exchange:


Having a hard time Chris. Hey can i have ur no? My husband wants to talk to you about the setup. I think they interchanged the stepper motor for ra and dec. Also pmc wifi is not showing up at all( only once was visible). Connected everything even the antenna. After 5 hrs the pmc 8 wifi came once and for some reason the dec didnt move and kept making a loud noise. Ra was fine.Then while teying to go the serial route the cmd prompt failed and it stopped working completly. In ur mount, the dec motor pins are they male or female? Mine is male but as per the manual its wrong. The Dec in pmc box is male and other end has to be female as per the cable they provided. Unable to get any help on this. To make matter worse no wifi. Guess gotta ask Jerry. Hey can u do me a favor and ask him? Got barely enough wifi to message you chris.

My Response:

Feel free to call me at (404) 316-****.



Also, I'll post this to the Yahoo group. Jerry seems to monitor it pretty regularly. Of ccourse, it is a holiday weekend...

You can change the PMC-8 channel by inserting the little dongle/key thingy that came in the box.  Stick it on for a second, wait a second or two, and then unplug it.  That will change the wifi channel.  Usually, of course, that is used for when there is a bunch of noise, but that doesnt sound like your problem.  Only thing I can think of.

I have found that you should always check "Connect Automatically" when connecting to it.


I've never paid attention to which one is male and which is female.  You can't connect it wrong, so I never bothered.  I just make sure the cables go on and all is good. Try just connecting everything. You wont hurt the steppers if you connect them wrong. Although, if you have a scope on it, I would stay ready to turn it off, just in cae it slews to a funny position. 


I do have an idea about why the dec wouldn't move.  I suspect the casing is to tight. I hope you have a very small allen wrench with you.  ONce you get conencted and going, you can remove the cover over the dec screw by gently backing out, just a little, the two very small set screws on the cover.  I'll try to send you a picture.


Give me a call when you can and let's see if we can at least get you connected.

Jerry, any other ideas for them?


Hi Chris,

I responded to several of Nandita's questions on CloudyNights pm. Apparently the SSID does not show up anymore on her computer system even when the lights are showing that the WiFi module is active. I suggested that she send her PMC-Eight back to us to see what the issue is. We have never seen this failure mode after hundreds of hours of several controllers using this WiFi module. The DEC motion problem is a gear mesh problem and requires an adjustment.

As you found out, the G11 is a fine instrument that requires precise adjustment to get the best performance. Not unlike the collimation adjustment on a reflector, the mount requires adjustment and then should maintain its performance once the adjustment is done and locked down. A seasonal adjustment may be necessary between the summer and winter to maintain the best performance. This particular problem with Nandita's mount may be a result of shipping.