Please use RELEVANT Subject Headings

David Pickett

Dear All,

in order that this forum can be used as a reference tool, particularly by others who come later, PLEASE keep the Subject Line relevant.

Recently we have had two topic headings that have ranged widely over different issues, and there is no hint of what these are from the generic and inaccurate titles:

Subject: Re: ES G11 / ExploreStars issues

Subject: RE: [ESPMC-Eight] Re: IOS versions and other questions

Please, when veering away from the original topic (which is fine in itself) dont just hit "reply": change the title to make it relevant. If helpful, one can also append (was: "...").

A little pause for thought will make it easier for all!

Many thanks, and clear skies;


Jeremy Parker

Hi David,

One of these is my post:

Subject: Re: ES G11 / ExploreStars issues

It was titled as such, because I initially had two main issues with both my G11 mechanically and RA drift related to ExploreStars settings. The entire thread is a documentation, albeit it a long one, of all of these problems and solutions over the last month and a half. The RA drift problem was solved in an ExploreStars setting a while back, so the majority of the thread has been about the G11 mechanically and PE. I guess I kept the subject line the same, and all the messages in tact, in case somebody had similar issues and wanted to follow the progress in order.

Are you suggesting that as questions/answers become more focused, the messages get split off by just renaming the subject line? When the replying, should the previous posts be deleted that are not related?