Generating Celestial Objects Files for Explore Stars


Hi Steve,

I am going to forward your question to our ExploreStars developer who created this data structure for the database. I could tell you most of these, but I am not sure about 2 or 3 of these fields. I will let you know what he says.


Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.

Steve Siedentop

Hi Jerry -

I'm working on putting together an application to generate files of celestial objects on demand for the Explore Stars app.  The layout of the file being parsed is generally intuitive, but I have some questions about some of the data elements.

Index:  This appears to be a primary key of sorts (incremental id).  Am I correct?

MapNum:  This correlates to the map graphic file of the same name.  Correct?

ImageNum:  This correlates to the image graphic file of the same name.  Correct?

Desig:  This is the object designation in various catalogs

group:  Not sure what the first value represents.  Am I correct in assuming that the second value is the constellation the object is in?

Common:  Common name of the object.

OType:  Object type.  What are the acceptable values for this data element?

Distance:  Distance to the object from Earth in light years

RA_S:  Right Ascension Coordinates?

DEC_S:  Declination Coordinates?

Constellation:  The constellation in which the object can be found.

AMag:  Absolute Magnitude

key:  Not sure what this is or what it maps to as a data element.  Similar in purpose to Index?

title:  The title displayed at the top of the screen.


"Index" : "14824",

"MapNum" : "01",

"ImageNum" : "01",

"Desig" : "24 Andromedae, Theta Andromedae, HIP 1366, SAO 53777, HD 1280, GC 334, HR 63, DM BD+37    34, TYC 2782-2251-1",

"group" : { "key" : "Andromeda" },

"Common" : "Theta Andromedae",

"OType" : "Star",

"Distance" : "93.77",

"RA_S" : 4.27289837,

"DEC_S" : 38.6816459,

"Constellation" : "Andromeda ",

"AMag" : 4.607,

"key" : 34824,

"title" : "Theta Andromedae"


Thanks in advance for your help!