User Contributed Programs - Reminder

W. Christopher Moses

Hi Everyone,
A lot of new people have joined recently.  I just wanted to let the new people know that there are a couple of user contrinuted programs to help with a few common PMC-8 operations:
1. An INDI driver for INDI users is now included with the INDI distribution
2. A program to make switching between serial and wifi mode is available in the User Contribution section of the FIles area
3.  Instructions for using an all-in-one installer for the ExploreStars database are avaiable in the same area.

Please post any questions or problems regarding these.
Remember, these are not official ES products, just things we fellow users have put together to help everyone.

Enjoy,Chris Moses

Ed Cresong

Is anyone working on a polar alignment routine for PMC-8. I wouldn't know how to do it but that would a really useful program.

Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering

Hi Ed,

I assume you are talking about an additional tool added to the ExploreStars application to tell you how to physically move the altitude and azimuth adjustments on the mount to get an accurate physical alignment. As I have discussed in other forum messages (you may or may not have seen them), there is a way to take the transform coefficients generated when doing a 3 star alignment in ExploreStars and use them to calculate an offset in altitude and azimuth. These offset values would then be used to point to a bright object and then direct the user to center the object in the eyepiece using the altitude and azimuth adjustments on the mount. This would result in a fairly accurate physical polar alignment. The math involved is pretty straight forward and is contained in this paper by Toshimi Taki which is the basis for the alignment routines in the ExploreStars application.

I have not had any time to start this project but would be a great addition to the application.
Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.
1010 S. 48th Street
Springdale, AR 72762

Peter Turner


Where are the user contributed programs located?


Steve Siedentop

You can find them in the Files section under User Contributions.  You'll see the "Files" link on the left side of your screen.