ESPMC-Eight] ES App Developers

jrichard333 <>

Good day application developers,


I wish to thank you all for your time, devotion, and attention to detail you continue to provide the ES community.  Just to think, I saw two guys on YouTube going over the iEXOS-100.  Once I saw this video, I knew this was the future of this industry.  No buying WiFi modules, or dealing with faulty or unsupported hand controllers.   This is what will make me stick around for the new and improved mounts on the horizon.


There will always be pains associated with growth.  Every setback is a step forward if we so choose.  As Dr. Spock once said, if we find everything that it is not, we will eventually find out what it is.


So my journey continues and thank you for updating the apps, databases, and providing tool such as firmware updates and serial with WiFi switches.


I have never encountered such transparency in an organization such as Explore Scientific.


Sincerely with all due respect thank you.