Keep getting booted out of App after pushing any alignment option...


Is this failsafe? Have I not performed a required step? The app immediately closes after pushing alignment. I also have no catalog (it's just a blank template screen). I have re-uploaded app with same result.

Lol. I'm sorta over using this fine instrument as a push-to. Any help from someone more savvy than me would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks All! :)


Hi dfbenziger,
have you download the database by
read this page and follow the steps.
If you have allready downloaded the database make sure that you give the explore stars app the permission to use extern datas.
I also had not found the catalogs at first but then i read the manual again and gave the permission for the app.
Greetings Wolfgang.


Wolfgang, you are awesome! Thank you for the helpful link and giving me a bearing - I will follow the steps and ensure I set up permissions on app/tablet accordingly.

Kind Regards - Dan