IESOX 100 Azimuth Adjuster #iexos-100

Chris Tardif

Totally Impressed! #Wherehaveyoubeen

I just received the Azimuth Adjuster for the IEXOS-100.

My first scope is a Celestron OMNI XLT 150 (6 inch Newtonian) which comes on a CG-4 mount.  Great scope for visual, not much else.  Turns out the CG-4 tripod is compatible with the new azimuth adapter!  Check out this...rock stable.  There's nothing like having this mount sit on bed rock of a 1.75 inch steel tripod.  (I won't mention the mount I bought to hold my Explore Scientific ED-102.  Anyway...I love this mount all over again on the CG-4 tripod.  Note the now fully retired manual mount on the floor..

PS...I have no idea why this pics keep showing up sideways.