EXOS-2 PMC Eight, displacement planets and the moon #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL #OpenGOTO #ExploreStars

Rodrigo Zelada

Hello, I am writing about a deviation that I observe when using the EXOS-2 with Explore Star APP for Android from the southern hemisphere.
I set up the station with polar finder with Sigma Octantis, and then aligned the mount with three stars.

Then I select a planet or the Moon from the catalog, the mount arrives with a displacement of approximately 1.5 degrees, displaced to the north with respect to the location of the solar system object, but when I select objects from deep sky and stars the mount arrives relatively Very close to the center of the visual field.

On the other hand I did a test synchronizing Jupiter, then I select Saturn and The Moon and they arrive very close to the center of the visual field, but when I select stars and deep sky objects the mount arrives with the same displacement that I observed on the planets When line up with three stars.

I think there is a problem with solar system objects. 

From the northern hemisphere you can do the same test to know if something similar happens?