Dovetail plate for cameras

Kent Marts- Explore Scientific Customer Service

Explore Scientific now has a new Vixen-style dovetail designed for use with a camera. The dovetail is slotted to accept a 1/4-20 (the US standard) and 3/8-16 (the European standard) screw. And it comes with a spring-loaded pin common to many different foots and mounting systems.

While designed specifically for use on the iEXOS-100, it will work on any Vixen-style saddle plate.

It is 11 inches long to make it easy to balance a camera with a short focal-length lens or an extremely long focal-length lens. 

One side (the tension knob side) has a stainless steel plate, while the other side has a millimeter scale.

It is on our website at

Here's a video:

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