Noob question #iEXOS-100 #alignment

Daniel Burdziak

So I took my new iexos-100 out last night after rigging a way to mount my Rebel T6 to it, until I can get the dovetail, but I have a couple of questions.

1) I cannot see Polaris from my yard, so I went with the three-star alignment. On my kindle fire when I do the alignment it shows "previous" "enter" "next" as options for a star. First question is, when I manually move to the star and have it centered on my camera screen, do I just hit enter? Or do I have to move the dot that is on the "map" to the center of the screen also?

2) Once I did the alignment (at least I think I did), I didn't notice the tracker moving at all when I would slew to an object (It would slew to the object, I mean it wouldn't move AFTER arriving, so it wasn't tracking it). Are their other things I have to select before it begins tracking?

I appreciate all of the help i've been getting. I've literally been doing Astrophotography for like three weeks, and this is all very overwhelming.



1) i’m new to the mount too, but believe I’m right in saying that once you have aligned press SYNC first and then Enter. 

2) Select an object and press ‘Slew to object’ and the screen will change to the detail page for that object, now press GOTO and you should be in business.

Someone more experienced will probably correct everything I’ve just said, but this’ll give you something to do in the meantime 😂😂