Fix for broken antenna pins

Bob Ryan

A new owner of a G11 PMC-Eight here. I've been focused on getting a pier installed and the pier plates aligned. But, tonight I noticed that the antenna for the wifi didn't look quite right.

Further inspection revealed that the pins that allowed the antenna to pivot were indeed broken.

I was able to remove the remnants of the plastic pins using a pick. I went through my stash and found that tiny screws, that are in eyeglass repair kits, fit perfectly. I was able to screw a couple of them in the existing holes without issue.

Mounts: ES G11 PMC-Eight, Desert Sky DSV-1, Hypertuned Celestron CG5-ASGT
Scopes: William Optics GT71, Stellarvue SV102-Access (CF), Celestron C-8 (XLT)
Cameras: Olympus E-520, QHY5-III 290C
Software: Don't know yet