Question about Power Supply for PMC-Eight #iEXOS-100

Koen M.

Questions are asked here in this topic?

I have rescently bought an iEXOS100 PCM8.

I realy like it, but i would like to get a powerbank/rechargable battery pack for it.

I know there is one available from ES itself, but in Europe it is not available yet.

Therefore i was thinking about this one:

My electronics knowledge is not so big, so i hope you can tell me if this will work or not (i do not want to overload the circuits of the iEXOS because of wron powersuply)

If that one is good to use, is it this cable i need to connect to the iEXOS?:

Will that one fit in the input of the iEXOS?

Kent Marts- Explore Scientific Customer Service

From the links we believe -- but cannot confirm -- that the item you're looking at will work. 

And, it appears the cables will work, too.

Kent Marts
Customer Service
Explore Scientific

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Omar Rahman

I switched to using a higher capacity LifePo4 battery most of the time but I have the Talentcell and it works fine. Mine had the DC5521 cable and a splitter included already to power the mount.

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