Technical drawing or stl for polar scope adapter #iEXOS-100 #polaralignment

John Wells


I recently purchased the iexos-100 and am trying to find a reliable way to mount my polar scope.

I've already tried mounting it to the lower control box by 3d printing an adapter, removing the two m2. 5 screws and replacing with longer ones - - similar to the commercially available polar scope but on the lower box. 

However my design impinges on the scope a bit when imaging near the meridian, and it was also only tight briefly... slop keeps appearing. 

Would like to try printing or CNC machining a bracket like the commercial mount for the top control box. Are any technical drawings available? 

Also any advice on how to reduce slop if it really is only held on by two m2.5 screws. 

I understand you might not want to share the drawings, but I've already purchased the scope and az adjuster, and already have the polar scope I'd like to use! 

Thanks in advance,