#iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Configuration Manager - connection issue #iEXOS-100

Karol Trepala

I have iExos-100 since a few days. Due to the clouds I was not able to use it yet :(, but today I decided to update (or at least check) firmware version. Unfortunately I can't connect to the mount by USB cable. At least not with the instructions from "PMC-Eight Configuration Manager" webpage..
I connecting mount to my laptop by USB cable and pluged in power cable. In device manager I see that mount is connected to COM3 port, but when I launch "PMC-Eight Configuration Manager" and I click "Find" button i see only message:
"Could not automatically find the COM port for the PCM-8. Please make sure it is connected"
I am sure it is connected, so what else can I do? Should I install some drivers first?

Wes Mcdonald

Kalski44 -- who are you?

The CM has an issue that if the PC is not connected to the pmc8 it cannot find the mount.  Even if it is connected via serial.  Taht is the first thing that is wrong.  Get the pc connected to the mount via wifi.

Then connect the serial cable etc.  The PC will find the pmc8 just fine in the device manager, but the CM will not communicate with it via serial when the mount is brand new because the mount comes set to communicate via WIFI.  It cannot do both at once.  So use the find current connection do it button to get started.  Then you can change it to serial mode to use the serial connection for ascom.

If you want to check the version number after getting connected in either serial or wifi, go to the advanced tab and you can send a query for the version number -- ESGv! is the command.  Be sure to tick the radio button for the correct communication mode you are in, serial or wifi.  

So that's what the deal is.

Good luck, it's easy.  


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