iEXOS-100 slow slew rate in SharpCap


Having problems with SharpCap - the maximum rate I can set it to is 50x.

However, at 50x it moves at a rate of about 3 arcmins per second. So it will take 30 mins to rotate the head 90 degrees.

How can I get it to slew faster?

I can do a positional slew using NINA, and that works, but I can't do polar alignment in NINA.


Lloyd Simons <simonsl23@...>


I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish. If you are rotating the ra axis to do a sharpcap polar alignment you have to disengage the clutches and rotate manually. It's best to do this before you power the mount. You only need the camera connected to sharpcap. I use my guidecam.
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Wade Prunty

Can sharpcap not control the mount to rotate it itself? I use the ASIAIR Pro polar alignment tool, which is extremely similar to sharpcap’s, and it rotates the RA dec itself during the polar alignment process.
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No, you have to rotate the mount yourself in SharpCap.

I like using the slew buttons because if you disengage the RA clutch you're likely to also knock the DEC axis a few degrees in the process - especially on a mount as small as this, and it will invalidate your polar alignment.

Anyway, rotating for polar alignment is not the only reason I don't want to spend an hour to move the scope from one side of the mount to the other.