Using the Exos-2 PMC Eight with Mac.


Hi everyone. I am using my Exos -2 with ExploreStars on my IPad which is great but I want to take it further especially for astrophotography. Can anybody help me with what I need to do to get started so I can use my Mac mini to run the mount and maybe do guiding. Jerry as mentioned that Ascom is not available for Mac but there is INDI and/or Ascom alpaca. I would love to use my Mac  from the house to power everything outside, that’s the dream. Wether WiFi or cable. Any help on how to get started would be gratefully received.  
Michael Whitaker
Wakefield, UK. 
MOUNTS. Exos-2 PMC Eight..
SCOPE: RVO Horizon 72ed. 
CAMERA: Canon M50. 
SOFTWARE: Just iPad at moment.


Michael, I'm totally new to both the mount (iExos-100 in my case) and to astrophotography but a Mac user.  I've been playing with Kstars/Ekos (at as a method of mount/camera control and found this (free) software to work a treat with the iExos-100 over both wired and wifi connections.  It also has the relevant drivers for the Exos-2.

Still exploring the more advanced (for me) functionality including the ASTAP plate solving interface within Kstars.  One additional option is to download the (free) CloudMakers Indigo Server ( to act as an alternative to the built-in Indi server in Kstars.  This stand-alone program also lets you have a play at controlling the mount and camera as a first step.

I'm running this software on a MacBook Air.

For me at least, once I got to grips with swapping between WiFi and USB mount control, Kstars/Ekos has been relatively intuitive to use, albeit indoors due to poor weather.

Hope this helps.
Experienced hobby photographer and total newbie to anything Astro.  iexos100 with ES80ED and Canon DSLRs