iEXOS 100 PMC-Eight - cannot see from Polar Tunnel #iEXOS-100 #polaralignment #pmc-eight


Dear all,
hi from Livorno, Italy, this is Stefano!
I recently got a brand new iEXOS 100 as I wish to set-up a supercool portable mount for my WO61 Zenithstar, focusing on deep-sky photography, and this mount seems to me perfect!
I still have not any time to try it under starry sky, but opening the box, I try to look into polar tunnel (after removing the small front cap) but I ain't able to see nothing.
Am I wrong somehow?

Lloyd Simons <simonsl23@...>

Hi Stefano and welcome. You need to rotate the declination axis 90 degrees in order to see through the tunnel. It is so you don't hit your head on your telescope.
Lloyd Simons
Mattawan, MI
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Guide Camera: QHY5L-IIM on a 60mm F4 Guidescope
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Hi Lloyd, thanks so much for quick reply me and suggestion!
Sorry I really didn't think about it!
This evening when I'll back home from work I'll try and update!
Thanks again and wishing clear skies from Livorno :-D 


Dear Lloyd, 
unfortunately when I can take my iExos 100 this night the sky was covered thus I cannot take no pics, but as U suggested, as I turned the dec axis for 90 degrees the tunnel opened :-D
Thanks again and let's update with 1st results as the sky is going to back clear!